27" Royston Turquoise & Red Creek Jasper Necklace


You won't find a more stunning piece of turquoise than this Royston piece. The matrix is dramatic and gorgeous and the color of the turquoise is so unusual. They play off each other. The Royston mine that this turquoise comes from is NW of Las Vegas in Nevada. I designed the acid etched background of the pendant using a pottery design from a Native tribe known as the San Ildefonso tribe which is NW of Santa Fe, NM. Pure Southwestern is this piece and just a stunner. For the chain, I used Red Creek jasper because it tied into the matrix of the Royston piece and doesn't compete with the turquoise. You will be proud to own this necklace, it's a one of kind piece that everyone who sees it will wish they had. The overall necklace is approximately 27". There are earrings that will coordinate with it in the Earrings Section and a bracelet that will likewise, coordinate, in the Bracelet Section.

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