Saguaro Silver Cuff Bracelet


6-1/2" silver cuff bracelet that celebrates the wonderful Saguaro cactus of the Sonoran Desert. The background of the bracelet is imprinted with a hand drawn Navajo design. The silver saguaro cactus on top has the same design etched into the sliver and then has been soldered onto the bracelet. Very unusual and very cool bracelet that's comfortable to wear. This size bracelet will fit a 7-8" wrist.

This is part of a limited series that is custom ordered and each bracelet will be numbered. The bracelet will take approximately 4-5 weeks to create and because each one is hand made, there will be very slight differences to each one. Because this is a custom order, you also have the ability to specify the size bracelet you prefer.

This bracelet has a pendant and earrings that match it as well, if you're interested. They can all be viewed in the Desert Collection section.

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