Gila Monster Silver, Copper & Castle Dome Turquoise Earrings


This Gila Monster means business; ready to pounce and lookin' good against his etched copper background. He is etched silver and overlaid onto the copper backing. The Gila Monster hangs from wonderful Castle Dome turquoise from the Castle Dome mine in Yuma, AZ. These are very dynamic show-off earrings.

I'm only making a limited number of these earrings, so they will be custom made to order and require approximately 4-5 weeks to create and deliver. Each piece is hand made, so there will be minor differences in each piece. Because they are custom made, minor adjustments to suit you can be made; size, stones, etc. Also, please specify wires or poste for hanging. If you have any questions, you can contact me through this web site.

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