26" Silver & Caballo Campitos Turquoise Tryptic Saguaro Necklace


I call this the 'Kolb Road' piece because it was inspired by the west hillside on Kolb road in Tucson, AZ. A hillside just riddled with wonderful saguaro cacti as far as your eye can see. Using the photographs I took of the hillside, I developed a drawing that I used to acid etch the design onto the 3 panels of the necklace. I made hinges on the back so that this necklace can fold up for easier storage. It's a spectacular rendition of Tucson's plethora of saguaros and truly a fun and exciting necklace to wear. Talk about an attention getter!!! I finished it off with Caballo Campitos turquoise from the Sonora, Mexico mine of the same name.

I am only going to make a limited number of these necklaces, so they will be a custom order item taking approximately 4-5 weeks to complete and deliver to you. Because each one is hand made, there will be slight differences in each piece. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail through this web site.

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